Fugazi — Waiting Room

How is that everything Ian MacKaye takes part in is so different from the previous stuff but equally good. From Teen Idles to Minor Threat to Pailhead to Embrace to Fugazi to The Evens. How.

Been listening to Fugazi recently, and this one, oh this one, is just too good.

I’ll also leave you with a video of the same song live, which makes me wish I was there singing along. I can’t wait for the day they come to Barcelona! Oh, oh wait, oh ok, they’re still on an indefinite hiatus… Oh. Okay.

Yeah, enjoy the Waiting Room! I’ll see you next week!!


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The Selecter — On My Radio

It couldn’t be nothing else than british music this week, as I’ve spent a few days up there, having tons of fun.

I have had the 2 Tone beat inside since the day I found that shop in Camden. Damn fine ska was playing and it was kind of a magical moment, as if I’d just traveled back in time. Unfortunately they didn’t have the album I was looking for, but it was nice to chill there with such a lovely soundtrack.

The Selecter was a band formed in Coventry, England (same hometown as The Specials) and they have hits like this one, so catchy and cheerful, can’t stop singing it, not even for a bit.



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Suicidal Tendencies — Surf and Slam

I absolutely have no excuse for not knowing of this instrumental piece by Suicidal Tendencies

Surf and Slam is in their How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today? album and yet it didn’t sound familiar to me. Could I possibly have forgotten to check this album? Yes, possibly yes. I don’t know. But I’m so grateful it popped in my dashboard today. 

I loved it, there’s still the ST essence although it’s mixed with this surf rock rhythm. If I close my eyes it’s like I’m seeing with one of those instagram filters on, a yellow-orange one, and it’s Summer and I’m in a beautiful beach. Now I just have to get a board, and start surfing the waves.


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Iron Maiden — Fear of the Dark

Fancy a bit of good ol’ Iron Maiden? I do. I’ve been fancying Iron Maiden the whole month now. 

And from Iron Maiden I’ve jumped into other heavy metal bands I wasn’t aware or I hadn’t listened to before. Dang, I’m always late on stuff. I had friends who listened to metal back in high school and I’ve seen the names of those bands on their shirts tons of times, however never bothered to check them out. Ah… teens and their laziness, right?

But let’s not change the subject. Iron Maiden. So, what can I say about them, you surely know who they are, or at least you’ve heard about the band. 1975, London, NWOBHM. Speedy and heavy rhythm, riffs and solos.

I love the changing tempos in this song, and of course, the solos. Hope you love it too.

- Viu

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The Offspring — Self Esteem

I’ve been listening to this old favorite of mine recently, and aw sheesh the whole album is such a piece of good material.

You surely may have heard it sometime somewhere: it is a classic, it was a worldwide hit and it is one of my favorites tracks. I was really into The Offspring back in high school and listening to them always makes me feel a bit nostalgic (in a good way).

Self Esteem was one of my first contacts with The Offspring, I can tell I liked them, cause right after I proceeded to devour Smash, Ixnay on the Hombre and Americana (their best albums in my opinion). I can tell I liked them cause my tumblr is named after one of their songs, and they were my first post here, on Soundboard. 

And I still like them.


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Kyuss – Green Machine

I’ve actually heard the name of this band quite much, but laziness has been winning all this time and never really got the moment to check them out (oh, no!). Not until a week ago, when the light bulb in my head turned on and suggested me to check Kyuss out for once and for all.

And what I found was this song, Green MachineWHOA. The beginning got me moving my head up and down, and down and up. Super distorted guitar that sounds like a freaking bass. Then vocals, drums and bass join the feast.

Fell in love with it instantly. I guess… I guess I believe in love at first listen.

… Do you?

- Viu

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Dead Kennedys — Your Emotions

A few weeks ago, we went to that club in Barcelona where they mostly only played indie music I’d never heard before, and I knew at some point they were going to change it to rock, even hard rock if I was lucky enough. 

So I was waiting for THE moment. Having a good time, not gonna lie, and suddenly, the guitar of Motörhead's Ace of Spades started playing. Everyone around me started air guitaring, and some even headbanging. Beautiful!

What I wasn’t expecting, though, is the song that followed to Motörhead’s. I’d been there before, and during the rock session, they mostly played the typical songs of the typical bands. But damn, totally not expecting to hear Jello Biafra’s voice there. It was the Dead Kennedy's punk straight from the speakers getting full speed directly to my ears. It took me a moment to process what I was hearing, as soon as I recognized the song, I was singing with a smile in my face.

I think I was one of the few, if not the only one, that knew the lyrics by heart.

There’s not much more left to say about Dead Kennedys that we haven’t said before (here and here), so enjoy and see you next week!


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Radiohead — All I Need (Live from the basement)
Submissions Week

"All I need" was the song that got me hooked on Radiohead ( late I know ). If you don’t know them you are probably an alien or something, but just so you know, they are a British band that started as a rock band, and album by album evolved into some kind of experimental awesome thingy.

With this song in particular, I just fell in love with the catchy drum rythm of the begining, the synth bass line. Then my balls fell to the ground with the switch to the grand piano, and the whole build up to the so called white noise.

Years later I found this thing called ‘Radiohead Live From The Basement’, and I was amazed by the live performance of this song. They turned an alien-sounding song into a very organic one, halfway between artificial and natural. Drum loops played by a human drummer, electric bass instead of synths, guitars with tons of effects adding texture, Jonny Greenwood rocking the xylophone and the rhodes at the same time, and Thom Yorke switching from mic to mic like a boss.

I dunno which one I prefer, the live version or the album one. They’re both amazing. OK, I’ll shut up.

TL;DR: Radiohead are the shit.

- Jorge

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