Teen Idles — Sneakers

Been a while since I listened to the Teen Idles, but today’s been the perfect day for a reencounter with them. 

Sneakers is one of my favorite tracks by them (another favorite of mine is this one), I like the lyrics, and I remember being one of those kids who wondered why all that rush on growing up. I mean, I never really wanted to grow up… Hmm… that probably explains why I haven’t stopped wearing sneakers…

"Why don’t you try and have some fun

Put on your sneakers and be a kid”

- Viu

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NoFX — The Decline

It occurred to me today that it would be a nice idea to check out my old playlists, you know to remember the good ol’ days.

It never ceases to amaze me how smell, sounds and music can transport you right back at some point of your life. 

This song did this to me today, it transported me back at a random day of my adolescence; my brain remembered the smell, the colors, the feelings and mood of my past self, and I felt younger too. I looked back at the window, the sun was shining outside. Even though I was working, it didn’t feel like it. 

Today I’ve been 16 again.

I been meaning to post this one since the very beginning, as this is without a doubt one of my favorite songs by NoFX. The Decline is pure ear bliss; it was in the past, and it still is in the present. It will never get old to me. 

So do yourself a favor and press play. Hope enjoy!


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Blitz — Voice of a Generation

Blitz was a street punk band from England born in the 80s, they were also labeled as Oi! although they described themselves as just a punk band. I’ve been in a British punk phase lately, which it’s great cause it’s been a long time since I dug into British music and I’m re-encountering old bands and finding new ones to add to my list. 

But today, I’ve been listening to Blitz most of the day, Voice of a Generation is just one of the hits they have, if you’re into punk, you definitely need to check them out, unless you already know them, then, enjoy this track again.

Till next Thursday, friends.


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Thomas Newman — Six Feet Under Theme
Theme Song Week

Theme Song Week has to be one of my favorite theme weeks we’ve done so far. And one of the hardest ones too.

I love watching good tv shows and cartoons too, and I really like theme openings, so I had a very wide range of styles and themes to choose one from. Argh! 

I only find it necessary to mention some of the openings that I love, the list includes Death Note’s, Dr Slump’s, Rugrats, Twin Peaks, Dexter’s and Game of Thrones openings and endings as well.

First ones for being my childhood, last ones for their perfect music and opening credits, beautifully edited, catchy as hell.

I loved Six Feet Under, I laughed, I cried, and it has an opening that even though it is about death, is beautiful in its own way.


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Man or Astro-man? — Popcorn Crabula

Well so the other day, a friend of mine told me about Man or Astro-Man?, I loved the retro look of the cover of their album Destroy All Astromen and I gladly found out that I also loved the way they sounded too. Win win.

Man or Astro-man? is a band from Alabama, formed in the early 90s, instrumental surf rock that remind me of Dick Dale’s Misirlou blended with The Shadows.

I love that when you listen to their tunes, you suddenly find yourself in a movie, where waves, summer and probably space creatures share the screen with you (that’s my brain working here, feeling inspired, you see). Oh well, better listen it for yourselves, come on!


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Pour Habit — Institution

I have this playlist with songs from my past self, that it’s been quite a while since I did listen to them, and was feeling all nostalgic when BLAM! this one started playing. Instant heart race, instant desire to jump off the chair and start moving around screaming like a crazy lady. Too bad I was in the office and I don’t think my boss would’ve approved.

Anyway, check them out if you’re into punk rock, they are pretty, pretty good!!


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The Upsetters — Taste of Killing

I didn’t know this song by The Upsetters, and listening to the great Trojan skinhead reggae collection I spotted it and voilà I’ve had this melody in my head all week… 

This, along with the fact of getting off work when there’s still light in the streets has brought a fake feeling of “Summer is just around the corner.lol.NOPE”. But still, it feels good, it has a nice warm sound, that will make you move even if you don’t want to. Ahh, LOVE IT.



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System of a Down — Toxicity

Had a problem with which one of these two amazing songs choose for today’s post, whether it was going to be ‘Toxicity’ or ‘Bounce’, I knew I’d make a good choice, but damn it’s been hard to choose.

I’ve been listening non-stop to the great System of a Down for the last couple of days, and been dreaming of attending a show and singing and jumping to the rhythm of the wonderful songs that form part of the album also named Toxicity. A masterpiece. *Sigh…*

Oook good, ‘Bounce’ will have to wait for the next time.

Enjoy Toxicity!

Until next Thursday,


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