Harry J Allstars — The Liquidator 

If I said this is one of my all time favorite songs of the Trojan albums, well I’d be telling the truth. This song is so bloody good.

The Liquidator is a reggae instrumental from 1969 recorded by Harry J Allstars, that hit the number 9 in the UK Singles Chart that same year, and became one of the anthems of the skinhead subculture that was emerging back then over the UK.

I can’t seem to stop whistling to that tune. Even if I try, I can’t! And I probably wouldn’t if I could. So let’s whistle!!

Hope you enjoy The Liquidator as much as I always do!

See you next week, peeps!


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Peret — Gitana Hechicera

Second Chance Week

Sooo I’ve never been a fan of rumba. In fact I hated it. I was anti-rumba. All my friends loved it, and I wasn’t in the same vibe. 

But somehow this changed and I didn’t even realized, I can listen to some Catalan rumba and actually enjoy it.

Catalan rumba was born in Barcelona by the hand of the Romani community in the 50s. Peret was one of the pioneers in this style, and has songs that won’t let me stop moving, and keep a smile in my face, because they are almost always positive lyrics, and so was he. Peret passed away last month, but I’m sure their songs will keep playing at parties for many years to come.

Hope you enjoy,


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Deftones — 7 Words

Do I love Deftones? I do. 

I still remember the day I got my first CD, many years have passed and I still go back to them and remember the times I used to listen to their albums mostly while trying out my very first graphics tablet and my first steps with Photoshop in an extremely slow computer. 

If there’s a band that brings me back great memories, that is definitely Deftones.  

I’m craving for a show in my area but it doesn’t really seem to be happening any time soon so I’ll just have to be content with my CDs for now.

Adrenaline is their debut album and certainly one of my favorites (alongside with Around The Fur), having heavy great tracks such as Bored, Minus Blindfold, Engine No 9 and 7 Words inside, you might just want to check it out. For reals, it’s freaking awesome.


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Beastie Boys — Riot Fight

I am pretty sure these three men don’t need an introduction, but for anyone not knowing, The Beastie Boys were a hip-hop band from New York formed in 1981, the fun fact here is that they started as a four-piece hardcore punk band. 

I’ve been listening to them quite a lot these days, and while I do enjoy their hip-hop tunes, I also dig their tracks from their first EP, Polly Wog Stew

I’ve chosen the song Riot Fight, cause it’s my favorite from their early hardcore punk phase.

Hope you enjoy a different kind of Beastie Boys!


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Lard — The Power of Lard

Dead Kennedys is one of my favorite bands from the early American hardcore punk scene, mostly because I really like frontman’s Jello Biafra’s singing and attitude. So when I came across with Lard, an industrial metal band with Biafra on vocals, I knew I had to give them a listen.

It already happened with Pailhead, that when I read “industrial metal band”, I didn’t really know what to expect… and I loved them.

Lard was pretty much the same feeling, but in the end, Biafra’s striking voice and industrial metal turned out to be a great combo.

Hope you enjoy,


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Bonobo - Kong

It’s official. My love for Bonobo’s stuff is official. After about a couple of months listening to Black Sands and Animal Magic and moving on to the rest of his albums, I’ve realized I’ve fallen for those inspiring tunes. They are always picturing things in my mind, and are perfect for one of my favorite things to do: chill. Chilling is great. Chilling with some Bonobo playing is just perfect. Hope you find it inspiring too.


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Refused — Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine

Refused was a Swedish hardcore punk band from the 90s that mostly had political and anti-capitalist lyrics. I can’t remember how I found Refused, but it’s been a while since I listened to some of their music, and just remembered how much I used to love this track. I freaking loved it. I used to listen to it repeatedly.

And this bit

Rather be forgotten than remembered for giving in”

would always remain in my head even when the music wasn’t playing anymore, just like an echo.

I always liked these lyrics. Ahhh, I think I should definitely listen to them more often.

Hope you enjoy, and see you next week,


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Fugazi — Waiting Room

How is that everything Ian MacKaye takes part in is so different from the previous stuff but equally good. From Teen Idles to Minor Threat to Pailhead to Embrace to Fugazi to The Evens. How.

Been listening to Fugazi recently, and this one, oh this one, is just too good.

I’ll also leave you with a video of the same song live, which makes me wish I was there singing along. I can’t wait for the day they come to Barcelona! Oh, oh wait, oh ok, they’re still on an indefinite hiatus… Oh. Okay.

Yeah, enjoy the Waiting Room! I’ll see you next week!!


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