Basia Bulat - It Can’t Be You

The beginning of April has been pretty concert heavy which is perfect for when I have to post on Saturdays.  On Thursday, I went to see The Head and the Heart.  Their opener was Basia Bulat, a Canadian folk singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario.  Now my friends have all told me about her beforehand and someone even sent me the albums so that I could give them a listen.  I liked it but I didn’t realize how amazing she was until I saw her live.

A relatively short blond woman got onto the stage and was accompanied by a bassist and a drummer.  No big deal.  She tuned a charango, which is a ukulele-sized 10 string instrument before beginning her first song.  And that was that.  I was in complete awe.  An amazing voice was accompanied by her amazing talent on the charango, guitar, keyboard, and even an autoharp .  Hell, I was so impressed by the autoharp, I almost posted Gold Rush simply because it featured it so much.  Instead, I picked It Can’t Be You based on her amazing work on the little instrument.  I actually read an article in where she actually learned how to play the instrument JUST for her newest album.  At one point, she stood away from the mics and performed acoustically for all of us in the packed concert hall.  Simply fantastic.

Bulat’s newest album, Tall Tall Shadowwas released in 2013 and she just finished up her Canadian tour.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


Reuben And The Dark - Rolling Stone

I went to a concert last night but unfortunately I have already posted Boy & Bear and Wildlife before so I opted for another choice. On Tuesday, I found myself at a concert inside a sketchy local venue.  Once again, I knew none of the bands but that was no problem since I’m always up for discovering new music live and I was in very good company.  

Reuben and the Dark played last that night and they were totally fantastic.  I picked this song because it had some serious forward movement (you know, like a rolling stone…).  The repetition in the background helps make this piece one of those songs that you gently bob your head to unsuspiciously.         

Reuben And The Dark are from Calgary, Alberta and have been around since 2011.  Their new album, Funeral Sky, will be released in late May of this year.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


Boy & Bear - Golden Jubilee

Before concerts, I do this thing where I listen to ONLY the artist that is performing.  They rack up hits on my and I have their songs stuck in my head all week.  This Friday, I’m going to see Boy & Bear for the first time.  

They played at our local folk festival last year and apparently they were amazing.  So obviously, I just had to check them out.  This song may just be my favourite of theirs.  It’s fast-paced, cheerful, and as danceable as folk music can get (which surprisingly, is pretty damn danceable).  

Boy & Bear are from Australia and formed back in 2009.  Golden Jubilee is from their 2011 album, Moonfire.

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday!


Ron Wasserman - X-Men
Theme Song Week

While I had difficulties figuring out which theme song I was going to pick, I decided to go with my nostalgic gut instinct.  This obviously led me to the X-Men intro.  

As a kid, I remember a lot of cartoons.  They ranged from Dragon Ball Z to Sailor Moon to Pokémon to the X-Men.  Just last year, I watched all five seasons of the X-Men again just so I could relive it a little bit.  If you asked me what it was that I liked about this theme, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you.  Probably the repeated motif, the stylized names, Storm being an absolute badass - the list goes on.

Anyways, I hope that this brings back some fond memories from your childhood and that you had a chance to watch some cartoons this morning.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!


The Paper Kites - Paint

I’ve been on a serious soft folk kick as of late because someone sent me a playlist full of them (just in time for an insane week, thankfully).  This was something that caught my attention more than a few of the other songs.

I remember hearing about The Paper Kites when a bunch of my friends went to their concert when they were here.  Only now do I realize what I missed out on.  Paint features Sam Bentley’s typical fingerstyle guitar and very subtle harmonies - the combination of which makes for a very relaxing song.  Providing the backdrop for the little breaks I took this week, it was mesmerizing and relaxing.

The Paper Kites comes from Melbourne, Australia and have been around since 2010.  Paint is from their EP Young North.  

I hope that you all have a wonderful and relaxing Saturday!


We Are Scientists - Dumb Luck

This New York band released their newest album on March 3rd of this year and I am in love with it.  It’s so typically We Are Scientists and Keith Murray’s voice will continue to throw me back to grade 9. 

The video for this song is pretty REALLY graphic so be careful when watching it.  There is a lot of blood and it is all shed in the most ridiculous ways.  Dumb Luck is as catchy as it is gory.

TV en Français is their newest album and it has everything you expect from We Are Scientists.  If you haven’t checked out the other songs from this album yet, I highly recommend Make It Easy and Take An Arrow.

Hopefully you have a wonderful Saturday!  Don’t forget spring forward if you live somewhere that follows Daylight Savings!


Sam Roberts Band - We’re All in this Together

While I also thought of High School Musical when I first heard the name of this song, I was glad to learn that it was the name of the new single from Sam Roberts Band’s new album, Lo-Fantasy.

I have been in a serious CBC music kick as of late and I figured that posting a video of the band performing this at the studio was a great way to present my pick of the week.  I’ve found the album to be catchier than some of the previous ones but it still has that Sam Roberts vibe to it.

The band is from Montreal, Quebec and have been around since 2000.  Lo-Fantasy was released on February 11th of this year and I was so excited for it that I actually wrote it down in my day planner.

Hope you all enjoy this week’s pick and if you happen to be smack dab in the middle of a polar vortex, stay warm.


Labradoodle - Gouda

It’s rare that I break out of my comfort zone in regards to music.  Sometimes, I try and am greatly disappointed in what I find.  Other times, however, i find something that I truly believe to be pretty rad.  This is one of the latter cases.

A friend of mine told me about Labradoodle and I was intrigued.  It definitely wasn’t what I normally listen to - no softness of folk, no clean details of electronica, no summer-y feel of indie rock.  However, the gritty, simplistic realness of it was what attracted me to Labradoodle.  Also, the band name and album cover is a tribute to one of the bandmember’s dogs, so that’s pretty rad.  I picked Gouda because I was told it was a crowd favourite.  The combination of the driving, heavy background and the singer’s soaring voice is captivating. 

Labradoodle is an Edmonton-based band that describes themselves as “Pretty, Fluffy, Hypoallergenic Dad Rock”.  They recently just finished their first album and are currently working on their second one.  

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday!



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