Milo Greene - Don’t You Give Up On Me

I had the opportunity to see Milo Greene the other day (as they were opening up for Bombay Bicycle Club).  The venue was one of my favourites and I know it usually gets ridiculously warm in there but nonetheless, it was a serious party. 

I hadn’t been listening to Milo Greene for very long but from what I have heard of theirs, I always liked.  I sat there and let their beautiful music just wash over me and it was the best way to end a long week.  The voices of Robbie Arnett and Marlana Sheetz work together so wonderfully well.  I picked this song because it’s just really easy to listen to.  It’s soothing and calm which is something that we all need every now and then.

Milo Green is from Los Angeles, California.  They have been around since 2010 and their self-titled album was released in 2012. They have a new album coming soon in 2015.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and to my Canadian friends, have a happy long Thanksgiving weekend! 


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Bahamas - Lost in the Light

I like to believe that I’m a little late to the Bahamas game.  Many of my friends were listening to him super early and I just lagged behind.  However, when I finally got around to it, I realized how much I actually liked his stuff.

Lost in the Light is easily my favourite song of his simply because of that guitar bit at the beginning of the song.  It’s laid back, simple, and strangely enough, I find it extremely conducive to Sunday morning chores.  The song itself also builds and builds to a great chorus.  I’m very very excited to see him play live in a couple of weeks.

Bahamas is the stage name of Barrie-born, Toronto-based musician Afie Jurvanen.  He released his first album in 2008.  Lost in the Light is from the album, Barchords, released in 2012.  His most recent album, Bahamas is Afie, was released in 2014.

I hope you all have a Saturday that’s the bomb dot com!


PS. Happy birthday to our resident artist and all-around awesome person, Viu

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Owen Pallett - The Riverbed

Owen Pallett, once known as Final Fantasy, released a new album back in May and it has been one of my go-tos during the summer and fall.  

The Riverbed has been featured on the Signal a couple of times and each and every time I hear it, I get pretty fired up.  The driving rhythmic background is a wonderful accompaniment to Pallett’s soaring vocals.  I will always like Pallett’s work and no, it’s not just because he has an album out called “He Poos Clouds” (though that is one of the many reasons).

Pallett has been around the music scene since 2005 and In Conflict features other wonderful songs.  His music is full of interesting instrumentation and Pallett’s voice lends itself well to the strange mix. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


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Alexisonfire - No Transitory
Second Chance Week

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I’m generally a love of soft folk music and the occasional indie rock.  For those of you who know me really well, will also know that I love pop-punk and post-hardcore.  

I remember giving Alexisonfire a whirl in grade 9 only to dislike it.  It was loud, brash, and not something I really enjoyed.  Fast forward two or three years and I gave it another listen.  I was older, more ‘mature’, and my friend group had changed drastically.  I liked the loud guitars and the screaming lyrics.  The energy was infectious.  And that was that.  I was sucked into the world of pop punk and post-hardcore music.  Alexisonfire was basically my gateway drug into that genre and I couldn’t be happier.  

So thank you to my friends in high school who forced me to give this a second listen.  You’ve opened up a weird and loud musical world for me and now I can’t get out.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and try your best to give things a second chance! 


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Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to post this song.  It was really big in Europe when I was over there and I heard it over and over and over again. Now that I’m back home, it’s finally hitting us here too so it’s getting pretty ubiquitous.  

It’s catchy, poppy, and hot damn, do I ever love the use of strings in electronic music.  The music video itself is pretty whimsical so that’s pretty rad as well.  

The band itself is from Cambridge, England and has been around since 2009.  Their new album New Eyes was released back in May of this year.

I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!


Kidstreet - Song

This week has been absolutely crazy.  School started up again and thousands of students flocked back to what has been an empty campus all summer.  Feelin’ particularly ancient at the ripe age of 23, I see the fresh and excited faces of many first years getting fired up for this new chapter in their life. 

That has absolutely nothing to do with why I picked this song.

Kidstreet is a Canadian electronic trio from Waterloo, Ontario and have been around since 2007.  Song (from their album Fuh Yeah) is one of my favourite pieces by them because it’s so melodic.  The instrumentation is simplistic but interesting.  I also heard it on The Signal and frankly, I love The Signal, so here it is.

Hope you all had a wonderful first week of September!


Foxes - Youth

I always forget that featuring artists also are usually pretty great on their own.  The first time that I heard Foxes was on Zedd’s Clarity.  The next time I heard her was when I was sitting in Brussels and my friend had her playing on her phone in our little hostel room.

And just last week, I finally remembered that I wanted to give her a listen.  Its pop-y, catchy, and Foxes’ voice lends itself well to a more electronic background.  

Foxes, whose real name is Louisa Rose Allen, is from Southampton, England.  Glorious, her latest album, was released back in May of 2014.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


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tUnE-yArDs - Stop That Man

I went to see Arcade Fire on Monday and it was an amazing show.  I haven’t been on the floor of a massive show in a long time and to see the band just metres away from me was wonderful.  Their opener band, however, was something else to behold.

Covered in face paint, sequins, bright colours, and confusing patterns, Tune-Yards hammered away at drums and provided some seriously interesting vocals to go along with it.  Their bassist was the most normal looking of the bunch and even he had a greasy moustache and a ridiculous t-shirt.  My favourite part was the fact that the two backup singers looked like they were loving life.  They were dancing, banging drum sticks together, and harmonizing like crazy.  It was aggressive, loud, and frankly, a little bewildering, but it was amazing none the less.

Tune-Yards have been around since 2006 and is made up of primarily Merrill Garbus who uses loops often to develop her sound.  The bassist is the only other permanent member.  Stop That Man is from the album nikki nack which was released in 2014.  

I hope that you all enjoy this selection and have a wonderful Saturday!


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