Top Album Covers Week

My choices of album covers really do vary a bit.  I enjoy animals as people (weird), really minimalistic covers, and paradoxically, really busy covers with lots happening.  One of the major reasons that I still buy CDs is due to the album art because sometimes, that’s just as important as the music itself.

Scenic Route to Alaska - All These Years

Tycho - Awake

Stars - Set Yourself on Fire

Boy and Bear - Harlequin Dream

Miracle Fortress - Five Roses

Justice - Cross

Explosions in the Sky - The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place 

Pawa Up First - Missing Time

Alle Farben - Synesthesia

Goldmund - Famous Places

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

I’ve been away from Germany for about two weeks now and it’s a little strange frankly.  I’m on the last stop of my trip which is London and in just a handful of days, I’ll be heading home.  I’m not gonna lie to you: I do miss Germany a bit.

Milky Chance was one of the artists that my housemate in Kassel told me about.  He also gave me a full list of German artists to listen to.  I figured that this would be a good chance to share it with all of you.

The song itself is mellow and calming.  There’s a quiet electronic backing to the song itself and Clemens Rehbein’s voice accompanies it quite well.

Milky Chance is actually a duo of Rehbein and Philipp Dausch, a DJ.  They are from Kassel (YAY!) and have been around since 2012.  The album Sadnecessary came out in 2013.

Hope you all have a great Saturday!


Stromae - Tous Les Mêmes

I’ve spent the last week in France (Lille and Paris, to be exact) so I’m definitely feelin’ some French music.  

This was being played while my best friend and I were sitting around in our little room in Lille and it was great.  It’s dancey, catchy, and the video itself is pretty clever.  There are some translated titles but let’s face it, I’m a real sucker for melodies over lyrics.  

Stromae (whose name is actually Paul Van Haver) is actually from Brussels, Belgium (where I currently am so it’s fitting).  He’s been making music since about 2005.

Hope you all have a wicked Saturday! 


Folly and the Hunter - Ghost

It was another week of not learning about new music so I’m drawing on another favourite of mine from the whackload I got before embarking on this trip.  I only have 17 more days of this trip and I have three more countries to visit which will be lots of fun since I will be able to not only see some of my best friends, but also two other Soundboard members!  Considering that I’m starting to feel a little homesick, I’m 100% sure that seeing my friends will help lots. 

Folly and the Hunter have provided the background music to many trips here and there in Kassel and is obviously a welcome addition to my regular playlist of albums.  It’s calming and soothing which can be nice.  I picked Ghost because it just builds slowly and slowly.  

The band itself is from Montreal though the individual band members come from all over.  Ghost is from the album Tragic Care.

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday! 


George Ezra - Budapest

This week, I finished with my program in Kassel, Germany.  After six and a half weeks of German-only speaking, I was a little relieved to speak a fluent language one again.  I am, however, sticking around in Europe for a little bit longer to visit some friends that I have not seen in a very long time (and as a result, I’m thoroughly stoked on this second adventure).  

However, due to the insane Germany copyright laws, I haven’t been super exposed to new music.  So, now that I’m staying with my good friend in Freiburg, I simply asked her what she’s been listening to and she played this for me.  And now I’m sharing it all with you.  

George Ezra is from Hertford, UK.  I have been up since 4 AM over here and I am hella tuckered out so…just give it a listen and I hope you’ve had a wonderful Saturday.


Alle Farben - She Moves

While in Germany, I have access to Spotify which is just a dream for poor Canadian me (we actually don’t get Spotify up north - free health care, no premium music streaming.  Go figure).  Anyways, one of the first bands I listened to was Alle Farben (literally: All Colours) and really enjoyed it.

I forgot about it until my host brother was listening to the radio and this came on again.  I whipped out my iPhone and Shazam’d it right away.  I will probably hate myself for saying this YET AGAIN but hot damn does it sound summer-y.  It’s that kind of calm and head-nodding driving music that you can just cruise along to.  I can also imagine this just playing in the background during an absolute scorcher of a day with a beer in hand.  

Alle Farben (Frans Zimmer) is a DJ and producer from Berlin.  

Hope you have a rad Saturday!


The Lighthouse and the Whaler - Venice

I’ve been listening to a lot of music that I’ve gathered before heading over to Germany and this band has been one of my favourites.  Their music is light and charming and frankly, it’s a great start to a morning.

I picked Venice because of the wonderful use of bells in the background.  I’m a sucker for auxiliary percussion, really.  LoPresti’s voice is clear and fits well with the background of guitars, strings, and bells.  

The band is from Cleveland, Ohio and have been around since 2009.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


Tonbandgerät - Auf drei

You would that since I’ve been in Germany for three weeks that I would’ve posted some Germany music by now… but you’d be wrong.  Anyways, weirdly enough, it was one of my best friends from Canada who sent me this after she inquired if there was “actually any good German music”.  

Their name literally translates to “tape recorder” and they come from Hamburg.  As most of you, I’m not exactly one to listen for lyrical magic, which is especially true in this case because despite a proficiency in the German language, the lyrics are still a little lost on me… it’s catchy and summery and we’re getting some sunshine again here, so I’ll take what I can get.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!