Sisyphus - Calm It Down

Sisyphus, in Greek mythology, is the son of Aeolus and Enarete and king of Ephyra (Corinth). He was the father of the sea-god Glaucus and (in post-Homeric legend) of Odysseus. 

Sisyphus is also the name of the new collaboration between Serengeti, Son Lux, and Sufjan Stevens, whose new project is a self-titled album partly inspired by the art of Jim Hodges, and commissioned by the Walker Art Center and The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music series in Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

Only one of these Sisyphuses (Sisyphi?) is my pick for tonight. I’ll let you guess which one.


Guster - Two Points For Honesty

It’s always great when you find out about a song you heard once but never knew the name of and didn’t remember the words. It’d be nice if there was an app like Shazam or Grooveshark that worked by identifying a song based on my vague humming of the music. Anyway, I don’t even remember where I was when I heard this song a long time ago, but when I heard it a few days ago in a store a had a small freak out and Shazam'd the heck out of it so here I am sharing.


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t.A.T.u. - Not Gonna Get Us (Dave Aude Extended Vocal Edit)
Theme Week (Remix)

So the 2014 Winter Olympics are here (well… in Russia, but you know what I mean) and it’s fun times all-around! I thought long and hard about whether or not it’s necessary for me to bring up certain issues with this years’ Winter Games, seeing as how it’s in the Games’ charter to be completely separate from politics… which the IOC has, for better or worse, always been perfectly faithful to. So I’m going to do the same.

I’ll always remember t.A.T.u. and the cool Russian couple that a lot of people were angry about because I guess their music was too catchy and that didn’t sit well with the moral authority in America. But I didn’t care. I listened the heck out of those catchy ladies’ songs and freely admit it. So I thought it was perfect for Remix Week. So with all of that in mind, here is this totally depoliticized remix from yesteryear.


Parquet Courts - Stoned And Starving (Live on KEXP)

So Denver… you OK? I ask that in all seriousness because… well, you know.

Anyway, I’m sorry. That has to suck. Good news if you’re feeling down though: there’s a natural remedy that just became legal where you’re from and it would probably make you feel a little better for a few hours. Maybe take the bus to a White Castle afterwards, do some team bonding so you don’t blame each other for… y’know.

P.S. Sorry to use a Seattle, WA radio station for the song. I promise it’s not deliberate.


Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream

Andrew’s got his hands full tonight so you guys are getting 2 Sundays this week. Aren’t you lucky. Here at Soundboard, Lana Del Rey is kind of a controversial figure. At least 2 of us have had the experience of, despite our surface-level distaste for her as an artist, getting hooked on one of her songs. This week we got a new teaser trailer for Maleficent, Disney’s upcoming dark re-imagining of the classic movie Sleeping Beauty**, in which debuted Lana’s sultry cover of the sweet retro ditty.

As a Disney fan (and who isn’t), and as a fan of covers, I kind of love this. I’ve been whistling it all day, even drawing attention from a few passersby as I headed out from work this afternoon. I’m pretty sure that means it’s worth posting.

Anyway, have a good night, guys. And be careful around spindles. Unless you want Angelina Jolie to curse you… in which case, at least make sure the needle is sterilized.


**EDIT: Looks like I got my Disney vault classics mixed up there and said Cinderella instead of Sleeping BeautyBibbidi-Bobbidi-Oops!

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Andrew Ripp - Falling For The Beat

Ah, it’s that time of year again where the heavier and expected big acts give way for the lighter and more surprising media releases. Even though Andrew Ripp’s album Won’t Let Go was released last year, it’s the usual story of “Ooh, this song on this TV show sounds good. I’ll Shazam it”… it’s actually a very short story. Anyway, I’m sharing it with you guys and hope it’s as easy on your ears as it is on mine.


Nada Surf - Popular

In 1996 I was into whatever retro music played on my parents’ radio in the car on various road trips because I was a young child without any solidified taste for anything except maybe cartoons. At some point, I developed a real fascination with the media from/set in times like the early 80s or the late-90s/early-2000s. 

This week, I’ve been going heavy on the the 90s, watching a ton of music videos (did you guys know TLC was a real group and not one made up for a VH1 TV movie?) and TV shows/movies (spoiler alert: Donna Martin graduates and there’s a human head in the box). So I figured Popular was the best choice for my Sunday night post here. Also, if you like the late-90s, I also recommend also Popular. The TV show (as well as the music video).


Aloe Blacc - The Man

I think it’s time we checked back in on Mr. Blacc, don’t you? Last we here at Soundboard saw of the guy, he was asking us for money in a cool song and theme song to a great and, naturally, short-lived show on HBO. Now he’s on the cusp of stardom and might be a household name by now if he wasn’t oddly missing from everything about Avicii’s hit song Wake Me Up except for the song itself. But that’s fine because I suspect he’ll manage on his own. He’s got that vibe.

I say that because today I’m showcasing another of Aloe Blacc’s song which is sure to give Kanye West a run for is money in the “Screw what anyone else says, I am awesome!” anthem market. Channeling the romantic energy of Sir Elton John, Aloe Blacc has created an infectious ode to self-confidence that’s apparently cosigned by Colin Kaepernick Dr. Dre. Or at least the Beats By Dre advertising department. Here’s hoping for a little of the old Apple Ad Effect.


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