Ryn Weaver - OctaHate

In the post-Garage Band era of the Internet blogosphere, debut digital single premiers are a dime a dozen and are rarely any true indication that an artist will make it in the industry. Last week, 24 year old newcomer Ryn Weaver uploaded OctaHate to soundcloud and despite being a practical nonentity on the scene did she got support from just about everyone who heard the song including Hayley Williams, Charlie XCX and Jessie Ware.

While it’s not shocking that the track is so good and has received the attention it has with production credits including Michael Angelakos from Passion Pit and rapper Benny Blanco, it is what I like to call a pleasant surprise. While many artists disappear or don’t make the proverbial cut, I think Ryn has as good a chance as anyone to breakout and make it. If you wanna keep track of her you can follow her on Twitter or soundcloud. Show your love.


Sia - Chandelier

I really do not understand what this very skillful little girl’s interpretive dance has to do with this song other than wearing Sia’s signature hairstyle. Then again, if I remember correctly, most of Sia’s music videos aren’t obviously related to the accompanying music. And as usual, it manages to work.

So in honor of this totally normal Sunday night, I present to you this ode to getting properly smashed. Dance on, random little girl. Dance on.


Matchbox Twenty - She’s So Mean

I don’t think I’m “old”. I am however old enough to have not known the difference between a Cody Simpson and an Austin Mahone. I can definitely enjoy new pop acts, but I feel there’s something really enjoyable about hearing new material from artists that are arguably “past their prime”. Back in 2005 I remember VH1 promoting their exclusive world premier of Rob Thomas’ Lonely No More video which, at the time, I thought was awesome. It was—along with Natasha Bedingfield’s These Words (I Love You)—in heavy rotation on my glorious 128MB MP3 player until that Autumn or so.

Trends in music are supposedly cyclical and recently I’ve really been feeling it, having turned on the radio to hear Rixton’s Me And My Broken Heart, a reworked and de/re-romanticized Lonely No More as well as the return of Imogen Heap’s Hide & Seek in the form of the Luigi’s Death Stare/Dear Sister mashup meme that I still haven’t stopped laughing about. All of this is sort of inconsequential in regards to my stumbling upon this single from Matchbox Twenty’s reunion album, North. Once again I’m late to the party on new music from bands I like, but it works out because now I have something to listen to on long drives as I reminisce about the Apple product ad campaigns of the oughts.


Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

Once upon a time, Christina Aguilera was pretty-damn-relevant, as opposed to just relevant-for-some-reason. Released as a single in 2002, the song and video was seen as a pretty bold in it’s stance at the time of everyone being beautiful and deserving happiness (the early-naughts were a strange time, ngl). While I almost never hear the song these days, when I do it always conjures up warm-fuzzies from when I first saw it years ago and  thought in the most Shirley Bennet-esque way possible, “Oh that’s nice”.

I recently heard a mysteriously unattributed cover of the song on a very good episode of the show absolutely no one is talking about, Orange Is The New Black, which I binge-watched my way through already since I’m not at Governor’s Ball this weekend. A fair trade-off, I think. Regardless, take a moment to get your nightly fill of warm-fuzzies and listen to the song.

See you next week.


MAGIC! - Rude

Some songs are instant faves. They appear in your life and you instantly know it’s destined to reach the upper echelons of your “most played” list. That you have to share it with your friends to let them know how it brings joy to your heart and soul.

This song was not one of them. From (surprisingly accomplished) lead singer Nasri Atwehl’s face to his beanie which likely smells like a Phish concert, everything about this song & video turned me into the side-eye emoji. But even though I identify more with the comically stone-faced & Mitt Romney-esque father in the music video (not that I would engage in the anachronistic and patriarchal tradition of giving my daughter permission to marry a tuxedo-tee wearing street urchin), unlike him, I eventually gave in to Nasri’s charms and have been crooning “rude” and making that face and doing that dance-kick-thing all week. Hope it gets you looking like a fool too. Have a great week!


RAC - Cheap Sunglasses feat. Matthew Koma

Writing about music is a weird thing to do. It’s very opinionated and like a lot of opinions, they can change. And so can the way people hear what you’ve said. A long time ago we here at Soundboard loved Gotye, but then what felt like 5 years of “Somebody That I Used To Know" happened. I have, on more than one occasion, posted Macklemore here and I am well & truly sorry for having inflicting that upon you all. Last year I posted a song by MKTO that got no love but has, in the last month or so, become a radio hit, and while I’m not saying you should go back and reblog it anything, I’m not not saying that.

Point is, sometimes you have to bear with us with our music choices because the good ones might not look so good in a year or so. And the bad ones might look much better. But that’s a little irrelevant since everyone loves RAC projects. Have a great Summer and may all your choices reflect well on your upbringing.


Ben Khan - Youth

You want the truth? I’m still reeling from what my man T went through tonight. Also… that I only woke up about an hour ago after falling into a food coma from Mothers Day lunch. So no, this week’s song is not very prepared.

I haven’t been listening to a lot of new music, and since I’m not willing to tarnish this blog with by having to tag it with #Iggy Azaelia—which is saying a lot coming from me—instead, here’s some faux-retro tunage that you can j… ja… jamarmalade out to.


Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy

Look, I know an alien from the future has crash landed and is saying you need to stop this monster before he’s too strong to defeat in the future even though you’re pretty busy trying to get everyone’s food back before the king eats it all. I know these weird turtle children are making things kind of rough for you and some handsome jackass is going to blow up a planet soon. I know you’ll spend a lot of long nights this summer battling the baddest bosses and searching for that one specific loot drop. 

But you can’t leave home without telling you mom first and bringing a friend and some tunes. After all, it’s dangerous to go alone.