Chrome Sparks - Marijuana

So today is a bit of a double-whammy of celebrations. You’ve got Easter and 420 (as well as an interesting combination of the two; what a time to be alive). I hope you all enjoy the day, whatever you’re doing. I personally will be sitting here in my room with these papers.

No, like academic papers. I seriously have so much work to do you guys. This brief chapter of my life is just so much. College, amirite?


The Killers - Shot At The Night

So The Killers, a Soundboard fave, released a new track last Fall for their greatest hits album and it’s pretty great and has a retro 80s sound… and you know I love me some 80s.

The music video, which stars The Social Network’s “not-actually-Indian" guy, comrade of "not-actually-twins" guy, is just as interesting as you’d come to expect from Brandon Flowers and co. It also serves as a great companion to the video for the album’s 2nd single, Just Another Girl, which stars Glee’s “not-actually-evil-well-maybe-kind-of-evil-but-she-has-her-reasons-I-guess?" girl.

Anyway, you know the drill. Press play. Have a good time. See you next week.


Chromeo - Jealous (I Ain’t With It)

Oh, Chromeo. A Few weeks ago I stumbled across this song (as I do) and I have been obsessed with it. Now I want to make it clear that I am not being totally hyperbolic. I’ve listened to it a lot. And on top of all that, this week it began playing regularly on the radio at work so I’m sort of being payed to marmalade to one of my favorite songs of the season (Yes, I’m still trying to make marmalade happen).

Anyway, you should definitely watch Dave 1 go all Mr. Steal Yo Girl on A$AP Ferg. Have a great week, and please resist your crime-committing urges.


Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan & Stark Sands - Five Hundred Miles

About 2 weeks ago I finally got around to watching 2014 award season favorite Inside Llewyn Davis and I have to say it argued a great case for folk music being not-boring (though maybe a little depressing and sexually irresponsible). It’s not even that folk is a bad genre, I just have a low threshold of how much of it I can tolerate at a time. I’ll take some Iron & Wine or Sufjan or Rosie May… but you can keep your Mumfords and your Sons. Though, yes, Marcus Mumford is on one of the songs of the soundtrack… one you’ll notice I did not post.

500 Miles is just one of the oldies that was given new life Inside Llewyn Davis… a movie that, at no point, takes place inside the titular Llewyn’s body. Still worth a watch, even if you don’t need rubber gloves. Runner up? Well, Please Mr. Kennedy is probably worth a listen if you want a nice laugh.

See you guy’s next week.


Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan & Stark Sands

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Joe Boyd Vigil - Mad Rhetoric (Walking Stick)
Theme Song Week

Aww yiss. While you probably haven’t seen this in a long time, you probably did hear it every weekday afternoon for a good couple years. Or maybe not… maybe Toonami wasn’t your thing (weirdo) or you’re too young to have been watching around 2002 or so (move along, grown folks is talkin’). But if you do remember, this is sure to be a nice piece of nostalgia for you.

While Mad Rhetoric wasn’t a theme song per se, given that Toonami chopped off the shows’ intros for time and placed a ton of bumpers and content-based music videos in the commercial breaks (of which there are glorious HD remasters available on YouTube), I think this counts since it pretty much served as a theme song for the entire block.

Sorry about the run-on sentences but I’m not sorry about the song.


Calvin Harris - Summer

Ahhhh, how great it is to feel that Spring sunshine on my face! I can’t complain. The last week has been mostly warm weather & comfortable driving. There was even a moment where I walked out onto the quad on campus and it looked like a movie campus. I swear I saw a frisbee! Usually I’m all about skipping Spring—which is really just a half-assed Summer—and get to the real thing, but this year I feel a little differently. I plan to have fun with it and so should you, so if you have better weather than I do, get out there and throw a frisbee or kick a hackey sack around. It’s actually pretty fun. See you next week!

Runners up:


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Unicorn Kid - True Love Fantasy + Hydrate + Need U (Live on Newtown Radio)

You guys… this week has been just… so much. From what I’ve seen, it’s not just me either. It’s like a ton of people are just having a really stressful slog of a week and I don’t really know why. But hey, that’s what weekends are for right? You go all out and have a blast because it’s back to the grind in within 48 hours. So here’s some party the night away marmalade from one of my faves, Unicorn Kid. Live it up!

p.s. Happy New Year! Because it doesn’t count until I post Unicorn Kid.


Neon Trees - Sleeping With a Friend

Neon Trees may be new to Soundboard, but they’re hardly new to the game. Having had two hit songs chart pretty well on Billboard lists—both of which being infectious almost to a fault—this quintet of Ohio-grown Mormon rockers has made a decent name for themselves. I’m also glad to say that the first single from their forthcoming album, Pop Psychology, is just as, if not more catchy, as their previous hits. If you haven’t heard it, be ready to marmalade… I’m trying to stop saying the word “jam” on this blog.