Live Coverage - Sleigh Bells

I could not ask for a better first live coverage than a Sleigh Bells concert, oh man. This was actually my third Bells show, my second at St. Pete’s wonderful State Theatre on Central, so I knew that I’d be in for some treats (pun unintentional but ultimately intended).

As you guys might remember I’m a huge fan of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller both, and every time I get to see them in action I’m instantly reminded why. Their passion for the music and the obvious joy that performing gives them is practically tangible, and they won’t be satisfied until every single person in the room is on their feet and having an amazing time.

Of course, with their newest release Bitter Rivals added into the usual mix, that wasn’t a difficult task to undertake; their show opening “Minnie" got things off to a banging start, and when they took to the stage again for an encore they practically blew the roof off with a rendition of my new favorite "Sing Like A Wire" that could only be compared to a straight shot of over-driven energy straight to the heart. It. Was. Heavenly. 

To see more of these pictures and a few outtakes, be sure to check out our Facebook page! And make sure to catch Sleigh Bells while they’re still on tour, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

- Callie

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