Live Coverage - Swimm • Saint Motel • Hockey

My first live coverage was of a band that I posted back in April by the name of Saint Motel. They are currently on tour supporting Hockey and I heavily support going to see this show. Their opener, Swimm, just released their first E.P this year and it’s fantastic live as well as through your headphones. 

I’ve posted Hockey before and I may have to again soon because their music has taken on a whole new direction with their latest album. I was able to talk to Benjamin Grubin, the lead singer of Hockey, for a little bit after his set and he said that the band just felt it needed to make a change. You have to keep it interesting for not only your fans but for yourself. They’ve slowed down their upbeat indie dance style and replaced it with a darker more synth-vibe that continues to make you move.

You can find the rest of the photos from this gig on our Facebook. I’ll be releasing the video interview with Saint Motel on my day (that’s Friday if you’re new here) so be on the lookout for that!


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