Unicorn Kid - Feel So Real

I had the privilege of making the first Soundboard post of 2012 but sadly I don’t also get the last (that’d be cool and all but we’d need 2 Leap Days to make that happen and I guess that would like… screw up the calendar or something weird IDK). It was Unicorn Kid’s Boys of Paradise, a song that gets me amped when I hear it. That was a year ago but trust me, the kid’s still got it.

In 2012, Unicorn Kid (or Oliver Sabin if you’re his parents or annoying aunt or whatever) has released the tropical space invasion movie anthem Pure Space as well as Need U, which sounds like the perfect backdrop for the scene where the alien drag queen performers attempt to seduce the protagonist (can you tell I was this close to going to film school?) But he’s still got more gas in the tank because next week he’ll be releasing Feel So Real as a digital download, and trust me, I’ve been waiting. "You wouldn’t illegally download a car, would you?"

Anyway, young Sabin has come a long way since his Lion Hat days and his style has changed quite a bit. It’s the maturation of his music… like a Pokemon, where even though they’ve changed a lot, you can still tell they’re in the same family… Except for Trapinch, Vibrava and Flygon. The hell happened there? Amirite???

OK, fine. I’ll see you guys next year. Don’t drink and drive or do anything (too) stupid. Happy 2013!

Random weird factoid: Unicorn Kid has a "phobia" of stickers, which makes me wonder… if we ever got super lucky and interview him, should I give him a Soundboard sticker or would that be rude?

- Max

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