Dr. Calypso — Se’ns Pixen
Hometown Week

They hail from Barcelona, they play nice ska reggae, and Dr. Calypso is their name. 
The band started in 1989 as a group of friends that liked to cover bands from the 60’s Ska era, four years later, their first album was born. Not much later, they got to open for The Skatalites and Laurel Aitken in their first visit to the Catalan capital. 

They’ve toured all over Europe and shared stage with bands like Toots and the MaytalsRufus Thomas or The Selecter.

I listened to them for the first time when I was in highschool at a free concert they offered in the city. The moment I heard the lyrics of this song remains in my head; they say ‘Se’ns pixen a sobre i diuen que plou’, which literally would be translated as ‘They pee on us and they say it’s raining’, and would really mean that ‘they lie to us because they think we’re dumb’. This song’s about politicians/politics, which is the main topic everyone’s talking about these days.

Later on, I used to see one of their singers on my way to uni, that made me listen to them again and discover some gems in their discography. 

Their music is generally cheerful and full of rhythm sometimes mixed with political and social critiques. If you are into ska, reggae or rocksteady you should definitely check them out.

Visca Dr. Calypso!


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