Frank Ocean - Pyramids

Frank Ocean has had a busy week. After most notably collaborating with Jay-Z and Kanye West on a few songs for Watch the Throne last year and doing work this spring on The OF Tape Vol. 2 with fellow Odd Future members, he faded out of the public eye for a little bit. While he jumped back into the spotlight a few weeks ago when he released this simply amazing track, he made headlines again on Friday with a post on his Tumblr in which he courageously revealed that his first love was another man. That type of declaration is beyond rare within the colossal confines of hip hop (and R&B) music. It was wonderful to see the widespread support for the post which was originally supposed to be included in the liner notes of his new album, channel ORANGE. On top of all of that, he made an appearance as the musical guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night. Backed by the Roots and a full string section, Ocean performed a stirring rendition of new single Bad Religion, which alludes to the previously mentioned missive while also detailing his grappling and eschewing of doctrine. You can find the video below.

While on Fallon, he also announced that channel ORANGE would be released digitally that night, a full week before its original release date. After listening to it throughout the day, I can confidently say that it’s something special. The album is both a logical and profound progression for the young artist. Everything from the production to the songwriting to the actual music to the three featured artists (Earl Sweatshirt, André 3000, and even John Mayer) is a very welcome improvement from his previous work, which was already met with widespread acclaim.

I chose this song because it was the first introduction that I had to his new content. It has been on constant replay for a solid month now. I love the distinct sections, along with how he connects the two. The picture that the first part paints is pretty much unlike anything I’ve come across. Right out of the gate the song digs its hooks into you, and only sinks them in further when the dazzling synth kicks in. From there the track falls into an impeccable groove. Even when it smooths out, the song keeps the captivation going with Ocean detailing his “romantic” exploits and excess. Pyramids truly highlights some of the best elements of Ocean’s sound and is easily the most unique song I’ve listened to this year. If you like it, please consider picking up the full album if you haven’t yet. It’s absolutely worth it.



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