Fugazi - Turnover
Peer Review Week 

I think I had a unique challenge in finding a song for Viu because she tends to post songs of a more old-school rock or underground slant which means that I’ll be running a higher risk of posting something she’s already heard, and while that wouldn’t be the end of the world, that kind of takes the fun out of it.

Which leads me to Fugazi! Fugazi, well known for choosing to release their music by their own means which avoids leaving them beholden to record execs but also means… most people never hear of them. But that didn’t stop them and they became legendary to those that do know about them. From their reasonably priced all-ages shows to the  ”screw the system, we’ll do it live" way of making a name for themselves, Fugazi seems like a perfect choice for our resident Catalan

- Max

(Source: Spotify)

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    Fugazi - Turnover
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    Whenever I have turnovers or see them in the grocery aisle I sing this song.
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