Deftones — 7 Words

Do I love Deftones? I do. 

I still remember the day I got my first CD, many years have passed and I still go back to them and remember the times I used to listen to their albums mostly while trying out my very first graphics tablet and my first steps with Photoshop in an extremely slow computer. 

If there’s a band that brings me back great memories, that is definitely Deftones.  

I’m craving for a show in my area but it doesn’t really seem to be happening any time soon so I’ll just have to be content with my CDs for now.

Adrenaline is their debut album and certainly one of my favorites (alongside with Around The Fur), having heavy great tracks such as Bored, Minus Blindfold, Engine No 9 and 7 Words inside, you might just want to check it out. For reals, it’s freaking awesome.


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Goldfinger - "Superman"

What is the deal with, like… everything right now? Right? The whole world? I know it can’t be just me that feels it, it’s like the whole world is getting scrambled up in slow motion; on an international level, on a personal level, things just kind of seem all over the place, don’t they? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately, at least. It’s a little frightening, waking up and realizing you’re neck-deep in a world, in a life, a time you didn’t really see yourself being a part of, not necessarily because it’s bad, but because it’s just so… unexpected. You know? But you do your best to assimilate, to pick yourself and keep the ground on your feet through the new and the strange, because what else can you do?

When the going gets weird, sometimes you just have to strap on a helmet and skate until the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater heat timer won’t let you skate no more.

- Callie

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Kanye West - Blame Game (ft. John Legend)

Honestly, if I had to pick a single favorite album of all time it would likely be this one. This song is incredibly underrated and is mostly overshadowed by that “The Best Birthday” Chris Rock bit at the end here. It was the closest that Kanye had come to having a skit since Late Registration. While still fairly goofy, the mood clearly showed what difference five years had made; it was instantly quotable (I mean, “Yeezy taught me” was legitimately part of the lexicon for a while there), but it felt a little darker considering the preceding five minutes. The song is an introspective moment on a dynamic album. He uses a manipulated lower voice to condemn things he both thought and said during tumultuous times when he was reluctant to emotionally confront certain things in a constructive way. Yeah, Kanye West probably has emotions like a real person. Well, maybe not entirely like a real person.

Life is weird, sometimes serendipitously so. Sometimes you move to a new space and are surrounded by mostly new people. Sometimes you transfer to working in another location to accommodate the move which was for your other, newer job in the first place. Sometimes you’re revisiting an album on a nice walk to work, and sometimes you stroll in for the first time and find out that your ex-girlfriend works there. Oops. Awkward (but actually awkward and not like how some people liberally drop that word). And maybe, just maybe, sometimes you realize that when you have a music blog and are ultimately there to talk about the stuff that is sticking with you, you don’t always need to use your Tuesday slot to post something fresh and new because you have a bizarre compulsion for your content to always be relevant. Okay, I’m done with that. This is the one that is sticking with me today today, but probably not for the reason you’d think after reading this.

Sometimes you can have a weird post once in a while. It’s been a weird week.



The Dreadnoughts - Old Maui

Shanties have kind of taken over my life over the past year and I find myself reproducing the earthy (yet watery) spiritual style in nearly all new songs I write now. If you’re British and into your trad-folk, then this stuff stirs something in you and it is one of the few genres that offer pure, ancient English culture in music and I’m proud to be an infinitesimal part of it.

If you like Old Maui then definitely check out Gareth Malone’s shanties documentary here!

- Rosie

Redlight - 36 feat. Lotti

So my birthday was this week and I tend to have mixed feelings about my birthday since I’m a raging pessimist and usually see things as “the life is half finished” rather than “half lived”. I’m not sure either way sounds less pessimistic actually. I also base that statement on life expectancy statistics from 1900.

Anyway, I heard this song on Ministry of Sound’s Ibiza Annual 2014 mix album and it was quite an unexpected earwormer. Until last night, I hadn’t even seen the very Mind’s Eye-esque music video for the song, which ironically makes me feel good about having been alive to see the early days of digital art.

Well, kind of glad. I don’t want to start going bald or making dad jokes. Unless I’ve already started making them. Oh no… is this a setup for an elaborate dad joke? I have to go think.


Kidstreet - Song

This week has been absolutely crazy.  School started up again and thousands of students flocked back to what has been an empty campus all summer.  Feelin’ particularly ancient at the ripe age of 23, I see the fresh and excited faces of many first years getting fired up for this new chapter in their life. 

That has absolutely nothing to do with why I picked this song.

Kidstreet is a Canadian electronic trio from Waterloo, Ontario and have been around since 2007.  Song (from their album Fuh Yeah) is one of my favourite pieces by them because it’s so melodic.  The instrumentation is simplistic but interesting.  I also heard it on The Signal and frankly, I love The Signal, so here it is.

Hope you all had a wonderful first week of September!


DJ Cassidy - Calling All Hearts (feat. Robin Thicke and Jessie J)

You’re on a journey through the land of the disc jockeys. Your main quest? Find the one true DJ. There will be many trials and tribulations along the way. Be warned EDM land is filled with exciting attractions and special effects but it’s just to distract you from a glorified DJ, a false prophet. As you journey through mash-up jungle mountain you start to realize that “In Da Club” does not actually go with every song (okay, maybe it does). Before your journey ends you have to cross a deadly river where DJs live remix 8bit Styx classics and video game soundtracks. If you’ve made it through that with eardrums then you’ve finally made it to the pink and green throne and the golden microphone of DJ Cassidy: The One True DJ.

What makes him so special? Well, I just saw him at Made in America and he had me dancing like a fool in broad daylight before I had even finished my first beer. Maybe “The One True DJ” is a little over the top but this man had some of the best transitions I’d ever heard in my lifetime and every track was a certified banger. If my opinion of him wasn’t enough, you should probably know that he was also the official DJ for Obama’s 50th birthday, Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s wedding and plenty of other celebrity events. Above is one of the two singles released off his forthcoming album, Paradise Royale, that is still forthcoming for an indeterminate amount of time as it was supposed to forthcome this past spring. I forgive him though because with featured artists in the pipeline like Passion Pit, Cee Lo, Chromeo, John Legend, Mary J. Blige etc. etc. etc, I’ll still be first in line to hop on that soul train and ride it all the way Paradise Royale.


Beastie Boys — Riot Fight

I am pretty sure these three men don’t need an introduction, but for anyone not knowing, The Beastie Boys were a hip-hop band from New York formed in 1981, the fun fact here is that they started as a four-piece hardcore punk band. 

I’ve been listening to them quite a lot these days, and while I do enjoy their hip-hop tunes, I also dig their tracks from their first EP, Polly Wog Stew

I’ve chosen the song Riot Fight, cause it’s my favorite from their early hardcore punk phase.

Hope you enjoy a different kind of Beastie Boys!


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