Nult — Guda Bahia

Last week I had the pleasure to wander around Barcelona during the Record Store Day, bought some records for my collection, but mostly saw a few local bands I didn’t know about, one of them was Nult

They instantly caught my ear, and seduced me with their music, I love post-rock, and I liked Nult, and why? because, honestly, this is just so freaking beautiful.

So, hey, fans of Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, etc, put on your headphones, or turn up the volume, I think you may enjoy Nult too. Go check them out! You can find their album on bandcamp, and follow them on Facebook and Vimeo if you like!



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ANTWON - "Living Every Dream"

How ya guys been, huh? Doin’ okay? School treating you well? Eating your vegetables? I know, I know, I know, I’m not your mom, I just wanted to check up on you guys, make sure you’re doing alright. If you’re not, if you’re feeling a little shaky or unsure of yourself, I as a trained and very licensed doctor* am prescribing you at least one (1) listen to ANTWON’s “Living Every Dream”. Frenzied dancing in your underwear while listening is encouraged, but not required. If your problem persists, I’d recommend listening to all of End Of Earth, paying special attention to “Laugh Now" and "Lap of Luxury" in particular. I’ll check back with you in the morning to see how you feel.

- Callie

*this is patently false

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Our behind the scenes coordinator and occasional Soundboard stand-in, Zachary L., had the chance to not only see Rubblebucket but get a few questions answered by Alex Toth in the process. We’ve shared the band on here before but now we get a glimpse into why they play so many festivals, how this year’s touring has gone and exactly what Alex means when he says in college he listened to a vast array of weirdness with a healthy dose of jazz.

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Billie Holiday - All of Me

I’ve had a really peaceful week in the recent bout of sunshine, stitching some bunting for my mum’s Easter party (I hate bunting, yack, yet I did quite enjoy making it). To make it even more pleasurable I took the opportunity to revisit one of my favourite singers, projecting Billie across the London courtyard where I live whilst I sewed in the sun. Bliss.
I have a personal connection with the jazz standard All of Me also, as it was one of the first songs I sang live with a full band behind me, which was also my first real encounter with jazz, when I was only a wee fourteen-year-old!

Happy Spring awakening everybody, wherever in the world you are! Don’t forget to submit a post if you want to write for Soundboard!

- Rosie

Chrome Sparks - Marijuana

So today is a bit of a double-whammy of celebrations. You’ve got Easter and 420 (as well as an interesting combination of the two; what a time to be alive). I hope you all enjoy the day, whatever you’re doing. I personally will be sitting here in my room with these papers.

No, like academic papers. I seriously have so much work to do you guys. This brief chapter of my life is just so much. College, amirite?


Vance Joy - Riptide

I was introduced to this song on two occasions and have loved it since.  It’s whimsical, catchy, and particularly summery (which is ironic since it snowed here in Edmonton yesterday).

Vance Joy took a very literal approach with the music video which is always fun.  Seriously though.  The next time you’re out dancing, try to literally dance out the lyrics.  I promise that you’ll have a good time.  And that’s what this song is for me.  A good time. 

Vance Joy is from Melbourne and Riptide comes from his 2013 EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing.  

I hope you all enjoy this song and video and I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


Gang of Youths - Evangelists

I’ve been holding out on posting this band as I’ve been waiting for a full album release. Since that hasn’t happened yet, I’m going to employ a misery loves company method (we won’t be too miserable though because this fantastic track will be on constant loop). If you’re like me and want more as soon as possible, I’ve gathered some of their music from around the interwebs: Overpass, Riverlands, and a Music Feeds LIVE set.

About the best clue we have as to a future release comes from their energetic Twitter: “WE HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THE ALBUM WILL BE OUT. HOPEFULLY WITHIN A YEAR”. I’ll be letting you know when it does because if their album’s anything like this track, this band is going to be one of my favorites.



Teen Idles — Sneakers

Been a while since I listened to the Teen Idles, but today’s been the perfect day for a reencounter with them. 

Sneakers is one of my favorite tracks by them (another favorite of mine is this one), I like the lyrics, and I remember being one of those kids who wondered why all that rush on growing up. I mean, I never really wanted to grow up… Hmm… that probably explains why I haven’t stopped wearing sneakers…

"Why don’t you try and have some fun

Put on your sneakers and be a kid”

- Viu

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