Yung Lean - "Yoshi City"

Do you ever find yourself gazing vacantly off into space in the middle of work or class thinking, “Damn, I wish I could combine normcore fashion with cough syrup and everything I liked about the year 2002 and turn that into an 18 year old rapper from Sweden”? If your answer was “every single day of my life” then man, you are in so much luck. Yung Lean is busting out of Stockholm, and with a fresh album out and talks of exciting collabos (Charli XCX! Travi$ Scott!) it looks like 2014 may be the Year of the Lean.

Do you remember that one time you got really sick in middle school and took way too much Nyquil on accident because your mom finally let you stay home alone and so you just sat in front of your Nintendo all day unintentionally high out of your mind playing Ocarina of Time in your dad’s oversized t-shirt? Yeah, me too. Lean’s music is exactly like that: very classically “chill”.

Now if you’re like me and get caught up in the “image” of an artist or music video in a way that can make or break your opinion of it, I’d say try strictly listening to him first. I know Jonatan’s bucket hat-wearing, pedestrian white boy image definitely threw me off at first, and some folks might find the visuals in his videos strange or even straight-up tacky. Trust me, if you give him a chance and grow to love the guy like I did, all of this will quickly shift from relatively questionable to confusingly endearing. #

- Callie

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Mr Twin Sister - Rude Boy

Three years and a potential lawsuit later, Twin Sister came back swinging and under a slight rebrand. Thus Mr Twin Sister was born and we did rejoice, for there was much in the way of excellent tunes. While not quite ambient, the album tends to be slightly darker feeling, with synth, bass, and Andrea Estella’s voice acting as pinpoints in the haze. It’s wonderfully executed. Also, there’s a sample of Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness” in this one, which is one of my favorite tunes of all time. What’s not to love?



The Poppy Project - Lay Me Low (Live at Union Chapel)

To mark the centenary of WW1 my musical pals and I put together a fundraising campaign for the Poppy Appeal; I was inspired by the powerful Coope, Boyes & Simpson cover and gathered my favourite musicians to put something magical together…
This was filmed live at the legendary Union Chapel in Islington; what an incredible space. We had it all to ourselves on a chilly, wet June morning…

The point of this is to raise money and for remembrance of those who gave their lives all those years ago, and the current men and women who fight and protect today. Please follow this link or at least share the campaign to help us raise the pennies and awareness!

Enjoy :)

- Rosie

Bryce Vine - Sour Patch Kids

Sometimes things work out in this serendipitous way where I can’t help but wonder if the universe is pushing me to do something. The last couple of days have been business as usual, but with the added twist of the 90s. Surge is back on the shelf, I’ve picked my Halloween costume (a beloved comic book shop clerk/wallaby) & I went on a 90s TV binge this morning. The thing is, none of these things happened because of any of the others and the same holds true for how randomly I stumbled upon this song.

I’ve never heard of Bryce Vine before today but this infectious song almost perfectly captures the near-constant feeling of regret about growing up. It’s not that being an adult isn’t great, it can be. It’s that sometimes I want to be simple lizard-brain happy and I think I’ve lost that along the way. But this song is good for a solid 4 minutes of lizard-brain, juice box sipping, Slime Time Live watching fun. So here’s to the nights we felt ali… wait no, wrong song. And decade.

p.s, this track is available for free from his soundcloud, so if you want to jam out to it later in your car, you should get on that.


Owen Pallett - The Riverbed

Owen Pallett, once known as Final Fantasy, released a new album back in May and it has been one of my go-tos during the summer and fall.  

The Riverbed has been featured on the Signal a couple of times and each and every time I hear it, I get pretty fired up.  The driving rhythmic background is a wonderful accompaniment to Pallett’s soaring vocals.  I will always like Pallett’s work and no, it’s not just because he has an album out called “He Poos Clouds” (though that is one of the many reasons).

Pallett has been around the music scene since 2005 and In Conflict features other wonderful songs.  His music is full of interesting instrumentation and Pallett’s voice lends itself well to the strange mix. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


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Kendrick Lamar - i

Yeah, maybe it’s a little overproduced, maybe it’s a little too “mainstream” for the “true fans” (ha, youtube comments) but maybe, just maybe it’s a testament to Kendrick’s relevance. The king’s back and he isn’t going anywhere. We need more uplifting hip hop; there’s already enough songs about popping bottles, smoking weed and sleeping around. Rap is starting to get as bad as country music as far as the breadth of the subject matter is concerned. With all the struggles Kendrick’s been through, it’s great to hear a song telling us how he’s kept his head above water.

The album art also has to be noted as Kendrick focuses so much on gang violence through his lyrics and now he’s created through imagery a direct translation of “If Pirus and Crips all got along…”. Feels so good to have Kendrick back and there’s hopes of an album before the end of the year. Now if only we could get some new Frank Ocean.


Harry J Allstars — The Liquidator 

If I said this is one of my all time favorite songs of the Trojan albums, well I’d be telling the truth. This song is so bloody good.

The Liquidator is a reggae instrumental from 1969 recorded by Harry J Allstars, that hit the number 9 in the UK Singles Chart that same year, and became one of the anthems of the skinhead subculture that was emerging back then over the UK.

I can’t seem to stop whistling to that tune. Even if I try, I can’t! And I probably wouldn’t if I could. So let’s whistle!!

Hope you enjoy The Liquidator as much as I always do!

See you next week, peeps!


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Memoryhouse - To The Lighthouse

Sherwin here coverin’ for Andrew today! I just got back from a little weeknight yoga so I’m feeling particularly calm and relaxed, which is nice for a Tuesday.  

I picked Memoryhouse today because I’ve been playing them a lot to just chill out.  Nouvion’s vocals lend themselves well to the calming background music.  I hate that I use the word ‘ethereal’ to describe so many of my choices, but that’s exactly what this is.  So sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, and give this a listen.

Memoryhouse is from Toronto, Ontario and have been around since 2010.  Their latest album, The Slideshow Effect, was released in 2012.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


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